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Custom canvas is exactly what it says it is… Custom

Every boat and every sailor is different. Many years of custom canvas has made us well aware that the success of canvas work lies in the ability of the craftsman to board the boat with it's owners to measure and design each piece in reference to the people who will be using it .

A bimini which is too low for the 6' sailor underneath it does not make for an enjoyable sail! The old adage "measure twice, cut once" is the best guarantee for quality work to make for enjoyable sailing.

Quality canvas work, which includes dodgers, sail covers, awnings, wheel covers, binnacle covers, biminis and boat covers, must be custom-fitted, which means that the boat and the loft must be in close proximity – Blue Canvas is really at few meters from the old Antibes Port, which is in the Riviera’s hart with all his marinas and ports.

Visiting our Internet site you’ll have a better idea of our craftsmen’s works.

Blue Canvas stays at your service.


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